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The Ultimate Guide To Chasing

Dice control is an intriguing subject.  I first came across this while watching an episode of “Breaking Vegas” called “The Dice Dominator”.  This led me to the Golden Touch company which is built around teaching dice control.

Mastering the technique appears to be very difficult.  I would say it is the physical equivalent to counting cards.  Dice control is like being a trick shot pool player.  It is performing a feat that most would consider impossible. By learning to control certain aspects of your throw you can control how the dice are set, land, and what momentum they have.  Backspin on the dice is one of the key elements.  The backspin is what kills the momentum once the dice land.  You want the dice to hit the table first, bounce once to hit the wall, and then come back to the table, spinning as little as possible.  The initial hit on the table before the back wall allows the backspin to put the “brakes” on so the hit on the back wall is less like to randomize the spinning dice.  If you can master this motion then you can control the outcome of the dice by setting them to certain numbers before throwing them.

A trick shot pool player can learn how to jump the cue ball over another ball and have enough backspin to return and put the ball in the pocket.  It is a difficult skill to acquire and takes a ton of practice.  My assessment of dice control is that it is a similar skill.  Acquiring such a skill would make you one of the most dangerous people ever to show up at a casino.  Why?  Unlike other games of chance you are in direct control of the outcome.  You cannot control what cards are dealt at the blackjack table; all you can do is track them to the best of your ability.  You cannot control what numbers will come up on a roulette wheel.  You can only track what numbers appear more often and bet them.  You cannot control which team will win a sporting event.  You can only track the patterns and use the knowledge to place your bets.  (Unless you can arbitrage them, which I feel is the Holy Grail of all advantage play).  If you can physically manipulate the outcome of rolling dice you are in direct control of whether you win or lose.

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